It’s time to fundamentally change the high-stakes, high-pressure assessment system in primary schools and make good mental health the basis for good learning.

Primary pupils in England now face SATs and other government tests in four out of seven school years – that’s more formal assessments than in almost any other country.

But the evidence against the current system is growing. Parents, teachers and heads are united in calling for change.

Over three-quarters of parents believe there should be no statutory tests in primary schools and 93% of heads think the government should review the entire system. Meanwhile, children continue to suffer the negative consequences: 82% of teachers said pupils were distressed by SATs tests in 2023.

SATs and other government tests don’t help learning and cause unnecessary stress and pressure.

Children are More Than A Score

A SATs score can never define who you are or what you will be.

Watch our latest film to see why.

Calling headteachers

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Are you one of a growing number of heads who believe that the government’s standardised testing regime is not fit for purpose? Add your voice to our campaign.

Get involved

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More Than A Score is about parents and teachers coming together to change a system that doesn’t work.

The evidence

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The evidence against the current system continues to grow. Read our review of research.

Children sitting in an exam room

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3rd April 2023

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