Children are More Than A Score

Primary school is a time for self-discovery, building confidence and nourishing potential. But pupils in England are being let down by a system obsessed with league tables and turning children into data points, denying them a broad, stimulating education at key stages in their development. This regime shows little concern for their wellbeing and mental health, but lockdown has taken it from bad to worse, ramping up the burden on pupils, parents and teachers alike.

Despite months of stress, disruption and, in many cases, the distress of illness and bereavement, the government has decided to press on with making young children sit formal tests this school year. Instead of making sure children are settled and enjoying a broad range of subjects, teachers will be forced to ‘teach to the test’, and the curriculum will be narrowed to just English and maths.

But More Than A Score believes there’s another way. We’re a growing coalition of parents, teachers, headteachers, governors and education experts working together for change in the government’s over-testing regime.

Join us and demonstrate your opposition to high-stakes, high-pressure testing of young children by getting behind the Drop SATs 2021 campaign to cancel all government tests in 2020 and 2021.

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Are you one of a growing number of heads who believe that the government’s standardised testing regime is not fit for purpose? Add your voice to our campaign.

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More Than A Score is about parents and teachers coming together to change a system that doesn’t work.

Drop SATs 2021

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Support our Drop SATs 2021 campaign by signing the petition to stop all government tests in primary schools in 2020/21.

25th September 2020

“A powerful force and a pivotal moment”: over 200 school leaders join the Drop SATs 2021 webinar

School leaders from across the country were joined by MPs, experts and parents on the More Than A Score webinar […]

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18th August 2020

Too many tests for no good reason

Our latest research demonstrates that the majority of parents disagree with the government’s policy of using SATs and other formal tests to judge primary schools

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