Doubling formal tests in 2021/22 makes no sense

Helping learning recovery while protecting children’s mental health and wellbeing needs to be the priority in primary schools in the 2021/22 school year.

Bringing back high-stakes, high-pressure tests taken under exam conditions will harm not help learning recovery.

In fact, primary age children will face double the number of formal tests compared to before the pandemic.

The introduction of tests in English and maths for four-year-olds when they first start school, the Times Tables Check for year 4s, and an additional Phonics Check for year 2s will take precious time away from classroom learning and needlessly pile on the pressure.

Schools and pupils need time to recover learning. Halting SATs and other government assessments for another year will give them that time.

Let’s speak out for children’s education.

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In this school year, primary school pupils face double the number of government tests compared to before the pandemic. Watch our new film to see what children have to say.

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28th March 2022

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