Don’t test 4-year-olds in English and maths

From September, the government is planning to formally test 4-year-olds in English and maths when they start school. Parents, heads, teachers and experts agree: these tests are pointless and damaging. Two previous expensive attempts at introducing them in the last decade have already failed. Little surprise that no other country in the world tests 4-year-olds in this way.

Introducing these tests in a pandemic is not just absurd; it’s immoral.

Only half of our youngest children are currently attending nursery and it’s predicted that at least half will not be “school ready” in September. When they start Reception class, the priority needs to be settling them in and introducing the joy of learning through play. This precious time should not include tests that ignore everything 4-year-olds can do, just to collect meaningless data.

If you believe 4-year-olds are More Than A Score, sign our petition today.

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More Than A Score is about parents and teachers coming together to change a system that doesn’t work.

Don’t test 4-year-olds

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Testing 4-year-olds in English and
maths when they start school is
madness. Sign our petition today.

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