Children are More Than A Score

Primary school is a time for self-discovery, building confidence and nourishing potential. But primary school children in England are being let down by a system that cares more about measurement than their education.

Our system is obsessed with league tables, turning children into data points and denying them a broad, stimulating education at key stages in their development. It puts an unnecessary burden on children, parents and teachers alike.

More Than a Score believes there is another way. We’re a growing coalition of parents, teachers, heads and education experts, working together to call for change in the government’s over-testing regime.

Heads, parents and governors can unite and demonstrate their opposition to a system saturated with high-pressure testing by signing and displaying our Pledge.

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Are you one of a growing number of heads who believe that the government’s standardised testing regime is not fit for purpose? Add your voice to our campaign.

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More Than A Score is about parents and teachers coming together to change a system that doesn’t work.

Stop testing 4 year olds

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This September, the government begins a pilot of its new English and maths tests for four-year-olds. Sign our petition to stop the roll-out of testing for reception children.

20th July 2020

The Phonics Screening Check – why all the fuss?

On 15th July the Standards and Testing Agency (STA) revealed proposals to make primary schools in England conduct the Phonics Screening Check (PSC) in the autumn term of Year 2, for children aged 6/7. The PSC is usually done in the summer term of Year 1, but these children missed the Check because of school closures.

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22nd January 2020

Too many tests for no good reason: parents stand against primary school testing

Our latest research demonstrates that the majority of parents disagree with the government’s policy of using SATs and other formal […]

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26th September 2019

More Than A Score’s response to the phonics screening check results, September 2019

The DfE is choosing to ignore the fact that almost one in five 5- and 6-year-olds have been branded failures […]

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22nd September 2019

Sign our Pledge

Calling all heads: have you signed the Pledge yet? Let’s work together to put children’s overall education and well-being ahead […]


21st September 2019

Primary heads condemn the negative effects of SATs across all school years

“In an ideal world I would not want to ever put a child through this.” A ‘strait-jacketed’ curriculum across the […]

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2nd September 2019

Inappropriate, unhelpful and unnecessary: Heads deliver a damning verdict on the introduction of testing for four-year-olds

“Totally unnecessary”; “utter nonsense”; “a terrible idea”; “…one of the most poorly conceived ideas I have experienced in my 30+ […]

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8th July 2019

Ahead of SATs results, celebrities tell children: You’re More Than A Score

As year 6 pupils await the results of this year’s SATs, a new video, featuring celebrities, parents, and teachers is […]

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15th April 2019

The More Than A Score Pledge: developed with heads, for schools

Do you believe that children, their quality of education and their well-being sit at the heart of your school? Are […]

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14th June 2019

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