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Calling school leaders: join the More Than A Score campaign

Headteachers and other school leaders are at the heart of our campaign to change the way primary children are assessed and schools are held accountable. Thanks to the support of school leaders across the country, the government cancelled SATs and all statutory assessments in 2020 and 2021. Now we can work to make long-term change.

When heads speak out, policy-makers listen.

There are a number ways you can support our campaign.

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Read what heads think about the effects of SATs across the whole school.

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The experts’ view on a fairer, alternative assessment system.

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Our 200+ and growing school leaders core supporters group receives updates on our activity and provides vital input to the campaign.

25th September 2020

“A powerful force and a pivotal moment”: over 200 school leaders join the Drop SATs 2021 webinar

School leaders from across the country were joined by MPs, experts and parents on the More Than A Score webinar […]

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21st September 2019

New research shows primary heads condemn the negative effects of SATs across all school years

“In an ideal world I would not want to ever put a child through this.” A ‘strait-jacketed’ curriculum across the […]

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The evidence

Find out more

The evidence against the current system of standardised assessment is growing.  Academics and educators agree: the regime is not fit for purpose.

The alternatives

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There are alternatives to the current regime and the time is right for debate among heads, governors, parents, politicians and parents. Our contribution is Beyond the Exam Factory, a book bringing together experience and expertise from England and internationally.

Drop SATs 2021

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If you believe that the current testing regimen is doing nothing to help children and staff after a destabilising and anxious period away from school, sign up to our #DropSATs2021 campaign

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