Four-year-olds across England are now tested in English and maths within six weeks of starting school, with the results used to judge schools against each other.

More Than A Score’s opposition to the pointless and harmful testing of four-year-olds is based on professional understanding of this age group. Anyone working with four-year-olds knows that one size most definitely doesn’t fit all. Small children develop social and cognitive skills at varying rates, with each day giving a different snapshot of their abilities.

Not only that, standardised tests are significantly more difficult for those with special educational needs, or a summer birthday, or for whom English isn’t their first language. Yet they sit the same tests as everyone else in their class.

This is why education experts agree that Baseline testing simply doesn’t provide any useful information about a child’s ability or potential. Indeed, the British Educational Research Association specifically describes Baseline as “flawed, unjustified and totally unfit for purpose”.

Reception year should be an exciting and reassuring introduction to the joy of learning through play. It should stimulate children’s curiosity and build their self-confidence. It should not include tests that ignore everything four-year-olds can do and turn them into data points.

If you’d like further information on the case against the introduction of Reception Baseline Assessment, see the arguments from academics and experts here.

15th October 2021

Not helpful, stressful and a waste of time: teachers and heads condemn new English and Maths test for four-year-olds

Only 1% of teachers and school leaders believe the new tests have been a positive experience for pupils Only 6% […]

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Testing 4-year-olds makes no sense

27th August 2021

Tests in English and maths? The last thing 4-year-olds need.

If you have a child starting Reception, you may not know that they will face a new government test in English and maths in the first few weeks of term.

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Young boy

30th April 2020

Reception Baseline Assessment: A Flawed and Inappropriate Test

Recently, Dr. Guy Roberts-Holmes, conducted research into the pilot of the Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA) which can be found here. He […]

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Child on a tricycle

2nd September 2019

Inappropriate, unhelpful and unnecessary: Heads deliver a damning verdict on the introduction of testing for four-year-olds

“Totally unnecessary”; “utter nonsense”; “a terrible idea”; “…one of the most poorly conceived ideas I have experienced in my 30+ […]

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