A parents guide to primary testing A parents guide to primary testing

What is the test?
There are no high pressure tests in year 3.

Why should I be concerned?
There ARE high pressure tests in five out of seven years of primary. This places undue stress on children and teachers, narrows the curriculum and most in education believe the tests need urgent review.

What can I do?
Join our campaign to learn more and please sign our petition

Year 3

Year 3

There are currently no high-pressure tests in year 3.  However, this is one of only two years in primary school where your child will not have to sit a formal government assessment.

It is totally wrong that young children should have to sit so many formal tests during their primary schooling. Pupils and schools have faced extraordinary challenges in the last few years. What they need now is time to recover learning and get the most of their time at school. Halting SATs and all government tests in 2021/22 will give them the time they need.

There are more supportive ways to assess children, and schools should be measured on the overall quality of education that they provide. Please show your agreement by joining forces with us.

What can I do?

Support our Help Learning, Halt SATs campaign by signing the petition to stop all government testing in primary schools in 2021/22.

Join our campaign to fight for all standardised testing in primary schools to be stopped.