A parents guide to primary testing A parents guide to primary testing

What is the test?
The Multiplication Tables Check. Your child will sit a standardised times table test in which they will have to answer 25 questions with only 6 seconds per question. Experts believe the pass rate will be 100%.

Why should I be concerned?
This is a high pressure test, try it for yourself. Time for learning is lost to preparing for and administering these tests which 94% of heads say provide no additional information.

What can I do?
Try the test, can you score the required 100%? And please sign our petition

Year 4: Multiplication Tables Check

What is it?

In the summer term of year 4, pupils must sit a standardised times tables test.  They will be given 25 questions and will have only six seconds to answer each one. We believe the expected ‘pass mark’ for the test is 100%.

Every teacher and parent knows how well each child can do their tables. Teachers regularly have informal tests in the classroom and times tables are a great way to learn about the exciting world of numbers.

There’s no need for a government test just to measure schools. It’s madness to make 8- and 9-year-olds sit a test like this and it’s unfair to judge schools on the basis of a pressurised test.

What do the experts say

What do the experts say?

The Association for the Teaching of Mathematics points out that the test “…emphasises rote learning and rapid recall over understanding of mathematical structures, and that introducing a separate test on multiplication facts is highlighting one aspect of mathematics over many other important ones“.

The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has described the test as “…an enormous waste of money” and has pointed out that, “children and teachers will have time taken away from their teaching and learning to take and administer these tests.” 94% of heads said that the tests told them nothing they did not already know.

What can I do?

Try the test for yourself to see what year 4 pupils will be facing. Can you score 100% with only six seconds for each question?

Support our Help Learning, Halt SATs campaign by signing the petition to stop all government testing in primary schools in 2021/22.