A Parents' Guide To
Primary Testing

What year is your child in?

The truth about

  • In the summer term, year 6 pupils sit four days of English and maths tests under GCSE-style exam conditions
  • SATs are imposed on schools by the government. The overwhelming majority of heads do not agree with them
  • SATs do not benefit your child, their school or their teachers in any way. They are used by the government to measure schools against each other
  • SATs lead to a stripped down curriculum and teaching to the test. Many pupils spend most of year 6 focusing on English and maths, just to sit narrow tests
  • SATs put unnecessary pressure on children. 95% of parents believe they have a negative impact on well-being
  • Parents do not care about SATs results: 89% support them being replaced
  • In 2023, over 40% of children were told they had “not reached the expected standard”. This is the wrong way to begin secondary school

Research: NAHT; Parentkind; DfE

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