2nd September 2019

Do you have a child starting school? Or know anyone who does?

Thousands of four-year-olds will be sitting the government’s tests in English and maths when they start school this month.

Parents may not know that their child will be taken out of class, away from their friends, to sit the tests. If you — or someone you know — has a child starting in reception class, ask if the school is taking part in the pilot scheme. They might be doing so just to find out more information, but participation is not mandatory.

Pupils do not have to take part. If you don’t want your child to sit the tests, write to the school explaining why. You can use this letter as a starting-point.

The school can still withdraw. Share this leaflet with the headteacher asking them not to participate.

Our children do not have to be guinea pigs in this doomed experiment. Please share this information with anyone you know who has a child starting Reception this year.


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