9th March 2022

A times tables test too far

When the government announced its intention to develop a test to encourage schools in England to focus on ensuring children learn their times tables, few people complained because it is clearly the case that children benefit from knowing these results. Support for such a test was based on the assumption that any test introduced would be carefully developed to ensure it was fit for purpose. 

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Children taking an exam

19th October 2020

Statutory testing this year will be harmful and unfair

A team of researchers at UCL Institute of Education have published a series of briefing notes for primary schools on responding to COVID-19, which conclude that testing is the wrong response to the crisis. Since May, the team have been researching primary education during the pandemic. A key recommendation was that all testing should be suspended for this year, and we are delighted that the NEU and NAHT have also called for this.

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5th October 2020

Can you hear us Mr Williamson?

Last week More Than a Score hosted a Webinar in which school leaders clearly expressed why they felt that Standardised […]

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