22nd March 2019

Acceptance is a dangerous thing: we owe it to our children and their future to change the system

Acceptance is a dangerous thing. SATs? No problem…the children aren’t particularly worried…we aren’t putting any extra pressure on them. We’re […]

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18th March 2019

Primary school leaders deliver damning verdict on high-pressure testing

  A government that doesn’t listen; a narrowed curriculum; unnecessary pressure on children and teachers, and concerns for the well-being […]

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29th January 2019

Play not tests at 4. Join our chalk protest.

This September, the government begins a pilot of its new English and maths tests for four-year-olds. Children in reception will […]

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16th January 2019

Baseline assessment: out of the frying pan, into the fire

Primary school leaders will soon be faced with a dilemma. The government will be encouraging them to join a trial run of tests on four-year-olds starting school next September. Should they go along with baseline assessment as a trade-off for removing statutory testing at the end of Key Stage One? Or would this be swapping one nightmare for another, and storing up big problems for the future?

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5th December 2018

Hundreds of parents join the Big SATs Sit-in

Parents across the country joined the Big SATs Sit-in to protest against the way primary school pupils are tested.

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