21st October 2019

The Local Government Information Unit policy briefing on reception baseline assessment

The Local Government Information Unit (LGIU) has this month published a policy briefing by Megan Pacey on reception baseline assessment […]

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15th October 2019

Baseline Assessment – A Grandmother’s story.

The new baseline assessment tests which are currently being piloted in a number of schools are wrong on every level. […]

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26th September 2019

More Than A Score’s response to the phonics screening check results, September 2019

The DfE is choosing to ignore the fact that almost one in five 5- and 6-year-olds have been branded failures […]

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21st September 2019

Primary heads condemn the negative effects of SATs across all school years

“In an ideal world I would not want to ever put a child through this.” A ‘strait-jacketed’ curriculum across the […]

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10th September 2019

Why I am not returning to teach SATS again this year

I have been a primary school teacher for the past five years – teaching nine, 10 and 11-year-olds in East […]

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2nd September 2019

Inappropriate, unhelpful and unnecessary: Heads deliver a damning verdict on the introduction of testing for four-year-olds

“Totally unnecessary”; “utter nonsense”; “a terrible idea”; “…one of the most poorly conceived ideas I have experienced in my 30+ […]

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8th July 2019

Ahead of SATs results, celebrities tell children: You’re More Than A Score

As year 6 pupils await the results of this year’s SATs, a new video, featuring celebrities, parents, and teachers is […]

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15th April 2019

The More Than A Score Pledge: developed with heads, for schools

Do you believe that children, their quality of education and their well-being sit at the heart of your school? Are […]

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14th June 2019

Try our times tables test

Click here.

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9th July 2019

SATs results 2019: Response from More Than A Score

Sara Tomlinson, spokesperson for campaign group, More Than A Score commented: “The Department for Education’s announcement comes at a heavy […]

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4th June 2019

Times are changing

The clock is ticking on high stakes testing in primary schools.  The alarm bells that have been going off for […]

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31st May 2019

Change is coming

For the first time in 30 years, the Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green parties have all committed to abolish SATs […]

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14th May 2019

A statement from More Than A Score on the baseline pilot

Nancy Stewart from More Than A Score and TACTYC, the Association for Professional Development in Early Years, comments: “The DfE […]

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14th May 2019

Response from More Than A Score to the new Ofsted framework

Like parents, teachers and headteachers, Ofsted has recognised the terrible consequences of the government’s high-pressure testing regime. However, neither Ofsted […]

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29th April 2019

What an amazing day… but it doesn’t end here

Huge thanks to everyone who joined The March Of The 4-Year-Olds in Westminster. We sang songs, waved flags and made […]


8th April 2019

Assessment For Children: A Charter

Download a copy of the Charter here. Assessment For Children is a group of schools putting children first in the government’s […]

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18th March 2019

Primary school leaders deliver damning verdict on high-pressure testing

A government that doesn’t listen; a narrowed curriculum; unnecessary pressure on children and teachers, and concerns for the well-being of […]

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