27th April 2021

Drop SATs for recovery in primary schools, say unions, heads, parents and experts

 A recovery plan for primary schools must include not bringing back SATs and other statutory tests,  according to a new, […]

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15th December 2020

“The time to take action is now!” Over 1000 heads, teachers and parents join the More Than A Score virtual rally

They heard from campaigners, headteachers, MP and union leaders. And, most powerfully of all, from year 6 pupils facing SATs […]

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2nd December 2020

Statement From More Than A Score on Government Announcement Re Primary Assessment, December 2020

The new plan for assessment in primary schools still largely ignores the needs of children. After intense campaigning, we are […]

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23rd November 2020

Government tests in a pandemic: “getting in the way of what children need right now”

The first statutory test to be carried out in schools during the pandemic has been condemned as “pointless” and “a waste of valuable teaching time” by teachers and school leaders.

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25th September 2020

“A powerful force and a pivotal moment”: over 200 school leaders join the Drop SATs 2021 webinar

School leaders from across the country were joined by MPs, experts and parents on the More Than A Score webinar […]

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2nd September 2020

Slaves to the Algorithm: our four year olds are next in line

In a week in which the nation has responded with disbelief at statistics-obsessed ministers’ behaviour, the fact that this is also happening at the other end of education needs to be brought to the attention of the public. The government’s recent attempt to subject children to an algorithm has been an unmitigated disaster. Perhaps then, parents of three-year-olds might consider whether they want the government to subject their children to a similar experiment in Autumn 2021?

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20th July 2020

The Phonics Screening Check – why all the fuss?

On 15th July the Standards and Testing Agency (STA) revealed proposals to make primary schools in England conduct the Phonics Screening Check (PSC) in the autumn term of Year 2, for children aged 6/7. The PSC is usually done in the summer term of Year 1, but these children missed the Check because of school closures.

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1st July 2020

Parents call for government to Cancel SATs in 2021 and put children’s well-being first

Parents and children have not missed SATs and other government tests during the lockdown period and they are bottom of […]

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30th April 2020

Reception Baseline Assessment: A Flawed and Inappropriate Test

Recently, Dr. Guy Roberts-Holmes, conducted research into the pilot of the Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA) which can be found here. He […]

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16th April 2020

Calling for the immediate cancellation of plans to introduce Reception Baseline Assessment

Dear Mr Gibb We are writing to call for the immediate cancellation of plans for the introduction of Reception Baseline Assessment […]

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17th March 2020

Letter to Chief Executive Standards and Testing Agency

Una Bennett Chief Executive Standards and Testing Agency Sanctuary Buildings Great Smith Street London SW1P 3BT 11 March 2020 Dear […]

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16th March 2020

Campaign group calls on the government to Stop SATs 2020

Statement from Madeleine Holt from campaign group, More Than A Score: “The government should immediately call a halt to this […]

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16th March 2020

MPs challenge government’s ‘big brother’ collection of data from four-year-olds

The government is introducing legislation which gives parents no right to object to the collection of data from four-year-olds when […]

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26th February 2020

The government are condemning our children to a relentless programme of testing

Nancy Stewart from More Than A Score said: “The government’s decision to formally test four- and five-year-olds condemns our children […]

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12th February 2020

Parents say no to testing four-year-olds

A significant majority of parents disagree with the government’s controversial plans to test children in English and maths when they […]

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22nd January 2020

Too many tests for no good reason: parents stand against primary school testing

Our latest research demonstrates that the majority of parents disagree with the government’s policy of using SATs and other formal […]

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20th January 2020

Great expectations: what should we expect from children at the end of Reception?

Boris Johnson has spoken about continuing to “raise standards” in schools. For some, that can mean a continual process of […]

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26th September 2019

More Than A Score’s response to the phonics screening check results, September 2019

The DfE is choosing to ignore the fact that almost one in five 5- and 6-year-olds have been branded failures […]

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21st September 2019

New research shows primary heads condemn the negative effects of SATs across all school years

“In an ideal world I would not want to ever put a child through this.” A ‘strait-jacketed’ curriculum across the […]

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2nd September 2019

Inappropriate, unhelpful and unnecessary: Heads deliver a damning verdict on the introduction of testing for four-year-olds

“Totally unnecessary”; “utter nonsense”; “a terrible idea”; “…one of the most poorly conceived ideas I have experienced in my 30+ […]

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