12th February 2020

Parents say no to testing four-year-olds

A significant majority of parents disagree with the government’s controversial plans to test children in English and maths when they […]

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3rd February 2020

To the BBC and Lord Hall

Dear Lord Hall, We would like to object most strongly to your proposal to close down the Victoria Derbyshire Show. […]

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22nd January 2020

Too many tests for no good reason: parents stand against primary school testing

Our latest research demonstrates that the majority of parents disagree with the government’s policy of using SATs and other formal […]

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20th January 2020

Great expectations: what should we expect from children at the end of Reception?

Boris Johnson has spoken about continuing to “raise standards” in schools. For some, that can mean a continual process of […]

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20th December 2019

To all our supporters: Thank you for helping us achieve so much in 2019.

With the recent election result, it’s more important than ever to keep up the fight against government testing in primary […]

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21st October 2019

The Local Government Information Unit policy briefing on reception baseline assessment

The Local Government Information Unit (LGIU) has this month published a policy briefing by Megan Pacey on reception baseline assessment […]

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15th October 2019

Baseline Assessment – A Grandmother’s story.

The new baseline assessment tests which are currently being piloted in a number of schools are wrong on every level. […]

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26th September 2019

More Than A Score’s response to the phonics screening check results, September 2019

The DfE is choosing to ignore the fact that almost one in five 5- and 6-year-olds have been branded failures […]

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21st September 2019

Primary heads condemn the negative effects of SATs across all school years

“In an ideal world I would not want to ever put a child through this.” A ‘strait-jacketed’ curriculum across the […]

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10th September 2019

Why I am not returning to teach SATS again this year

I have been a primary school teacher for the past five years – teaching nine, 10 and 11-year-olds in East […]

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2nd September 2019

Inappropriate, unhelpful and unnecessary: Heads deliver a damning verdict on the introduction of testing for four-year-olds

“Totally unnecessary”; “utter nonsense”; “a terrible idea”; “…one of the most poorly conceived ideas I have experienced in my 30+ […]

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8th July 2019

Ahead of SATs results, celebrities tell children: You’re More Than A Score

As year 6 pupils await the results of this year’s SATs, a new video, featuring celebrities, parents, and teachers is […]

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15th April 2019

The More Than A Score Pledge: developed with heads, for schools

Do you believe that children, their quality of education and their well-being sit at the heart of your school? Are […]

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14th June 2019

Try our times tables test

Click here.

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9th July 2019

SATs results 2019: Response from More Than A Score

Sara Tomlinson, spokesperson for campaign group, More Than A Score commented: “The Department for Education’s announcement comes at a heavy […]

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4th June 2019

Times are changing

The clock is ticking on high stakes testing in primary schools.  The alarm bells that have been going off for […]

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31st May 2019

Change is coming

For the first time in 30 years, the Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green parties have all committed to abolish SATs […]

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14th May 2019

A statement from More Than A Score on the baseline pilot

Nancy Stewart from More Than A Score and TACTYC, the Association for Professional Development in Early Years, comments: “The DfE […]

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14th May 2019

Response from More Than A Score to the new Ofsted framework

Like parents, teachers and headteachers, Ofsted has recognised the terrible consequences of the government’s high-pressure testing regime. However, neither Ofsted […]

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29th April 2019

What an amazing day… but it doesn’t end here

Huge thanks to everyone who joined The March Of The 4-Year-Olds in Westminster. We sang songs, waved flags and made […]


8th April 2019

Assessment For Children: A Charter

Download a copy of the Charter here. Assessment For Children is a group of schools putting children first in the government’s […]

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18th March 2019

Primary school leaders deliver damning verdict on high-pressure testing

A government that doesn’t listen; a narrowed curriculum; unnecessary pressure on children and teachers, and concerns for the well-being of […]

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27th September 2017

“The government should act to lower the stakes”

Since the new assessment system was introduced last year, teachers, researchers and parents have been pointing out its deep failings. […]

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