15th April 2019

The More Than A Score Pledge: developed with heads, for schools

Do you believe that children, their quality of education and their well-being sit at the heart of your school? Are you opposed to the government’s current regime of high-pressure testing as a way of measuring schools’ progress? Are you concerned about its effects on pupils and staff?

The More Than A Score Pledge has been developed in consultation with a group of headteachers from a variety of schools around the country. It is a demonstration of a school’s beliefs about assessment and its commitment to support children’s overall education ahead of SATs and other forms of testing.

Heads and governors agree how they will manage the assessment process in their schools and complete the Pledge. It includes suggestions for commitments each school can make, including:

  • delivering a rich, broad, creative curriculum
  • avoiding putting any unnecessary pressure on children to achieve particular scores
  • assessing pupils in the round with SATs forming only a small part of the overall picture

It’s then shared with parents and displayed in your school.

We believe the Pledge can show how your school is putting children first. It will also build national momentum behind our campaign to overhaul the flawed assessment and accountability system.

We will send you an A3 copy of the Pledge for your school, plus additional copies to share with fellow headteachers.

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