A parents guide to primary testing A parents guide to primary testing

What is the test?
The Reception Baseline Assessment. Within the first six weeks of school your child will take a 20 minute test in maths and English.

Why should I be concerned?
The first few weeks of reception should be about settling in, making friends and enjoying school life, not taking a pointless test. The information collected will not help your child’s teacher and will only be used to measure schools in seven years’ time.

What can I do?
Share our leaflet with fellow parents and please sign our petition

Reception Baseline Assessment

What is it?

Within the first six weeks of four-year-olds starting school, they will take a 20-minute test in maths and English. One by one, they will  leave the classroom and their friends to sit with a teacher and complete it using a computer tablet.

Parents won’t be told the results, and the results won’t tell the teacher anything new about pupils anyway.

Reception teachers spend a lot of time carefully observing their pupils to build a complete picture of all that they can do. This test will add nothing to that information – it is purely a data-gathering exercise.

The results will be stored in a national database until pupils have finished year 6, at which point they’ll be used to judge schools, not nurture children’s learning.

It is completely unacceptable to test four-year-olds (all of whom are at different levels of development, anyway) as soon as they start school. It’s also wrong to measure schools this way.

What do the experts say

What do the experts say?

An open letter to the Department for Education signed by over 700 education experts and academics described the Reception Baseline Assessment as “both pointless and damaging”.

The British Educational Research Association has called the government’s plans “flawed, unjustified and totally unfit for purpose”.

96% of headteachers and other primary school leaders believe that the first few weeks of school should not be spent preparing for tests.

More than four out of five heads believe the assessments will not be fair on children with a summer birthday, those with special educational needs and those without English as a first language.

What can I do?

Sign our petition to stop all government testing in primary schools in 2021/22.

Our leaflet outlines what you really need to know about the Baseline Assessment. Please share it with other parents.

If you don’t want your child to take part, write to your school explaining why. You can use this letter as a starting-point.